Clint Anderson

Dr. Clint Kuahiwi Pasalo Anderson’s lineage spans salt-tinged trails - tides of tradition traced across: Moananuiākea / Aethiopia. (k)now(n): Pacific / Atlantic. Stories shaped in shifting sands. Clint’s pedagogy and angragogy thus foster navigation and perpetuation of ʻike kūpuna in the Now Time.

He is privileged to have spent the past 20 years as an educator - teaching, coaching, and mentoring those in his island community. And beyond. Prior to his current role as Assistant Professor in the School of Education at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo, Dr. Anderson served as a secondary teacher and administrator, growing and nurturing innovations in ‘Ōiwi learning and teaching, literacy education, and Hawaiian Culture Based Education (HCBE). His work focuses on emancipatory education and the ways in which teaching and learning intersect with media literacies, technology, civic engagement, and indigenous culture. With great humility, he looks forward to honoring our ancestors by sharing creative spaces with others, and (re)entering realms of conversation that (re)align trajectories and (re)design paradigms.